Plug & Play Mobile Access Control

Secure Property Access via Smartphone

Gates Stay Closed While Everyone Stays Happy

Secure Property Access via Smartphone

Say Goodbye To The Call Box

Secure Property Access via Smartphone

What is GateCode?

GateCode allows residents and guests to enter properties without needing to key in a gate code, stop at a call box, or carry around a key card or fob — they just need our free app on their smartphone.

Secure Grounds

Each resident manages single-visit access for their own guests, and managers can easily monitor and track activity from anywhere on their web-based dashboard.

Hands-Off Managers

With GateCode's super simple app & 24/7 phone support, property managers will no longer get calls from stranded guests or residents or deal with lost key fobs. We handle everything for you.

Happy Residents

The gate automatically opens when a resident or invited guest arrives. Friends and delivery drivers get directions to the unit. No more lost or locked out visitors.

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Property Managers, Get Your Time Back

With 24/7 support, an access-anywhere web portal, and finely tuned controls, GateCode just works. Our fully wireless, plug-and-play solution uses encrypted bluetooth beacons and a cellular connected gate remote to verify users and open the gate. Just plug the box into a power outlet - no hardwired installation required!

Minutes to Install
Keyfobs Not Lost per Month
Headaches Avoided per Month

Residents, Get Ready for Access Made Social

GateCode is a social access network - anyone can create an account and connect with their friends. Just send invitations through the app, and nobody has to deal with the dreaded call box. If allowed by management, trusted friends and service providers can also be given long-term standing invitations.

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Contact Us

GateCode is currently in closed beta, and we will be adding new apartment complexes soon.
Send a message, and we will contact you soon.